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Main Effects

  • Repairs bone glue
  • Calcium density
  • Strengthens joints


With the advancement of medical care, the average life expectancy of human beings has increased. Osteoporosis is second only to neovascular disease and the second most epidemic in the world, after cardiovascular disease. Women over the age of 50 die from disc fractures. The percentage rate of death of osteoporosis is same as the breast cancer, and become one of the female killers.


After 30 years of age, the bone mass of the human body will gradually decrease. If there is too much bone loss, the originally compact bones are prone to many pores, forming hollow and loose conditions, making the bones brittle and weak, and this will increase The risk of fracture.

Why are the elderly get knee pain when climbing the stairs?

The cartilage between the joints may be excessively worn due to long-term stress, and the synthesis of synovial fluid will gradually decrease. Under the influence of many reasons, the joints are prone to excessive friction, and symptoms of inflammation and soreness will emerge one by one.

Welbon is mainly aimed at

  • Various bone problems         ●Repair of joint tissue
  • Aging joints                              ●Traumatic inflammation / pain
  • Sports injuries                         ●Disorder of connective tissue
  • Arthritis                                    ●Muscle pain / inflammation
  • Cartilage damage                   ●The best source of calcium supplement!!

Suitable for

  • Men and women of any age, adolescents and pregnant women, people who care about bone health.
  • Lack of exercise and activities in the sun.
  • Regular smoking, drinking and dieting.
  • Long-term use of drugs and steroids.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Consumes minimal milk, beans, etc.

Main Ingredients

Seaweed Calcium, Soybean Extract, Vanilla, Instant Skim Milk and Colostrum Milk

Dosage / Direction of use

  • Mix 1 sachet with 150ml ~ 200ml of warm water, stir well and consume.
  • Drink 1 ~ 2 sachets during breakfast or before bedtime.
  • Take 2 sachets daily for best results.

Each box contains 15 sachets (10g each). Can take up to 7~15 days. 


  • Supplements cartilage, keratin, and connective tissue repair.
  • Inhibition of inflammatory substances and hyperemia reactions.
  • Promote collagen synthesis and linkage.
  • Repair injured tissue and relieve bone and joint pain.
  • Relieve pain quickly, effective within 3 to 7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Do WELBON have recognized Halal Certification?

A: WELBON have been certified Halal by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Origin product in Malaysia

Q2: Where did WELBON come from?

A: WELBON is product manufactured in Malaysia.

Q3: Can i take WELBON if I'm vegetarians?

A:  Surely can. WELBON made from natural ingredients.

Q4: How to consume WELBON?

  • Mix 1 sachet with 150ml ~ 200ml of warm water, stir well and consume.
  • Drink 1 ~ 2 sachets during breakfast or before bedtime.
  • Take 2 sachets daily for best results.

Q5: Is this suitable for men?

A: Surely can!  WELBON suitable for all ages, not matter you are men or women.

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