Packing 25g x 15 Sachets

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Your Health is Our Utmost Concern

As we age, our bodies are going to deteriorate and showing signs of aging, especially if our health have not been well taken care of during adolescence. Our bodies begin to deteriorate when we’re over the age of 25. Thus, it is advisable to take necessary anti-aging actions as early as age 25.

The Main Ingredient of Welrevivie

Prune Fruit
Black Ginger

Welrevive is mainly aimed at

Reverse the sign of aging

Brightening your skin

Reduce pigmentations

Prevent & Combat cancer

3 Main Effects of Welrevive

Fight Aging
Boost Immunity
Prevent Cancer

Welrevive is helpful in preventing and aiding the follwing health condition :

Sleeping Deprivation

Menopause Syndrome

Hormone Imbalance


Diabetes / Heart Diseases

Wounds healing

Kidney stones


Welrevivie is suitable for

  • Aging spots, Skin pigmentation
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Menopause syndrome
  • Promotes hormone secretion
  • Frequent urination
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic problems
  • Promotes wound recovery
  • Promotes the decomposition of gallstones and kidney stones
  • Improved prostatic hypertrophy that reduces the risk of dysuria
  • Improve depression and irregular heartbeat

Price List

1 Box – RM149

2 Boxes – RM268

4 Boxes – RM476

Packing 25g x 15 Sachets


Maklumat Pemakanan/ Nutritional Facts/ 营养成分表 Per 25g / 每12克 Per 100g/ 每100克
Tenaga/ Energy/ 能量 28 kcal (热量) 110 kcal (热量)
Karbohidrat/ Carbohydrate/ 碳水化合物 6.8g (克) 27.1g (克)
Protein/Protein/ 蛋白质 0.1g (克) 0.4g (克)
Lemak/Fat/ 总脂肪 0.0g (克) 0.0g (克)


重量 0.81 kg
尺寸 16 × 7 × 17 cm

1 Box, 2 Box, 4 Box



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